Thank you for your interest in 'Foot in the Door'.  We are keen to hear more about you and why you would like to participate in the 'Foot in the Door' film training programme.
Please complete the following short application as thoroughly as possible. You will need to allow around 20 minutes to complete this.
Good luck!
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Are you currently participating or enrolled in training or an educational course? *

If Yes, please specify your course title

Are you a Charter Housing Association Tenant? *

If your application is successful, will you need any support with managing money or help towards costs?  (i.e. Travel/Childcare etc.) *

We are in a position to offer financial support to successful applicants to cover things like childcare and travel. We want to ensure that there are no barriers to attending for those who are interested in the opportunity

If Yes, you are welcome to use this space to outline the support you might need if you are successful

Can you attend all of the training course dates between 18-22nd April and 25-28 April 2017? *

If no, please let us know which dates you can't attend

We have placements available across a number of departments on the film set. Please select one or more departments that you are interested in; *

Please tell us why you would like to take part in 'Foot in the Door' Film Training? ( Let us know a bit more about yourself and anything you may have done previously in any employment/school/college or in any other area that may be relevant.) *

Please tell us why you are interested in training in your preferred film department *

We are keen to understand a bit about your strengths and your previous experience that you can tell us about to support your application (anything is relevant here-there are lots of skills or strengths that you may already have that are applicable in the film industry)
If you like you can submit some work ( film/photography/a piece of writing/film review or something you have created / a website/ YouTube clip for example) please ensure you include any links and passwords below for us to view anything you send

If you don't have a piece of work, tell us a bit about a film, game or TV programme that you are interested in and why

At Ffilm Cymru Wales we are focused on ensuring that all of our work reflects diversity and equality of opportunity.
This monitoring information helps us to continue to work with and attract talented people from these groups and areas and ensure that there is no discrimination.

You will need to submit this form as part of your application, providing any of the information requested is optional

1. Gender Identity

2. Is your gender indicated the same as the gender originally assigned at birth?

4. If your ethnicity is 'Other' please specify below

6. Are you married or in a civil partnership?

7. Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person?

The Equality Act 2010 defines disability as ' a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial long term effect on a persons ability to carry normal day to day activities'

8. If Yes (you consider yourself to have a disability), please outline a description of your disability below
Please also outline any specific support you will require as a participant of 'Foot in the Door'

9. Date of Birth

11. Do you look after, give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of long-term physical or mental ill-health, disability or problems relating to old age?

12. How many dependent children (under the age of 16) do you have living with you?

13. Are you pregnant or have you given birth within the last 26 weeks?

14. Do you speak Welsh?

Terms and Conditions
By submitting this form to Ffilm Cymru Wales your signature confirms the following declaration:

* I confirm that the information I have given in this application is true and correct
*I confirm my availability for Foot in the Door programme on the dates outlined
*I am over 18
*I agree to my data being stored and used as part of this application process for administrative purposes and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
* My submission of this form is my signature

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